Klaas Plas
't Lage Eind 4
tel: +31-62-4812765
email: klaasplas@berrykonsult.eu

    on site visits - sparring partner in all decisions                         - visit report after every visit
    reachable per phone / email
                         -answer on questions 
    consultancy over phone / email / skype. Through exchange of pictures, measurements etc. 

Track Record:
    Since 1990 part time specialist strawberries in the Netherlands and the Northern part of Germany
    from 1998 - 2007: part time strawberry consultant in Ukraine /
          Romania and Hungary
    Since 2007: full time specialist strawberries in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia,  Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. 

Types of strawberry cultures
-Soil grown, standard (planting august - harvesting May / June / July)
-Table top grown: in container, buckets with or without rain or sun protection. Substrate: peat soil or coco peat. 
-Tunnel crops heated or unheated, both in Substrate as well as in the soil.
-Glasshouse grown: heated and unheated - Substrate
-Tray plants

Items in consultancy:
    -growth technique
    -plant protection, both standard as well as biological
    -company optimization