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Strawberry Fertigation

A lot of strawberries are grown in the soil or substrate with drip irrigation. For these strawberries very accurate recipes need to be made for an optimum growth. If there is anything missing or in dis-balance growth or quality want be optimal. 

Sub pages:
    cleaning the fertigation system

On request i can make you a recipe. If you are interested, please sent me an email with all characteristics form you culture.  Important to make a recipe is the quality of the water. A water analysis is needed with all important elements for the strawberries: 
    macro elements

        Ammonium (NH4)
        Calcium (Ca)
        Potassium (K)
        Magnesium (Mg)
        Nitrate (NO3)
        Phosphor (P)
        Sulfate (SO4)
    micro elements
        Iron (Fe)
        Manganese (Mn)
        Sink (Zn)
        Boron (B)
        Copper (Cu)
        Molybdenum (Mo)

    other elements

        Sodium (Na)
        Chlorine (Cl)
        Silicone (Si)
        Bicarbonate (HCO3)

        EC (Electric Conductivity)
        pH (acidity)