Cleaning irrigation system

In this article Nitric acid is used. Nitric acid can be very harmfull if it gets into contact with any bodypart. Please take care for proper prevention!!

Because of the fertigation of strawberries, in the irrigation pipes, valves etc, sedimentation of calciumsulfates, calciumphosphates etc may occur. This may lead to clogging of drippers and thus lack of water of pots and wilting of plants. 
Therefore at least once a year, normally before replanting, cleaning the system is adviced. This can be done in the following way: 

1- Cleaning main and sub-pipelines:
Fill the whole system with a acid solution (Nitric acid, pH 2-3)
Normally needed Nitric acid amount (depending on water quality) 2-3 l/100 l water (pleace check if the whole irrigation system is resistant for low pH (metals, pvc etc).
Leaf the whole system filled with this solution for about 24 hours. 

After this 24 hours, open the end of the mainpipes and subpipes and flush the whole system with clean water, untill the flushed water is totally clean. 

2- Cleaning drippers:
Prepare a new solution again with pH about 2,5 with Nitric acid. Drip with this solution at least for 10 minutes. Please check for propper dripping at every dripper! If not: repeat this action or change the drippers / tape.