Filling tanks

Good filling of the fertilizer tanks (A + B) can be done in a few steps:
Important before preparation: 
    -Take care, fertilizers are chemicals and can be harmful. Always use necessary protection (clothing, eye protection, hand protection etc) take care for good ventilation. 
    -Several fertilizers may if mixed lead to clogging: Sulfates and Phosphates cannot be put in one tank with Iron and Calcium, in lower concentrations (as used in the irrigation water) this normally (pH 5,5) does not give problems. 

    1-Fill the tanks about 60-70% with water
    2-Put the acid in the tanks according the recipe
    3-Mix thoroughly
    4-Stir the water good and mix in the meantime the fertilizers after each other in the water. 
    5-Fill the tanks with water till the wished level
    6-Add the micro-elements and stir well, till everything is dissolved in the water.