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I am Klaas Plas
1966 born in the Netherlands 
1989 married with my wife Margreet. We have 5 children: 4 boys and 1 girl. 
I grew up in a reformed family. I am my parents very thankful, that they showed me the God that loves us. 
For me a daily living contact with God is very important. It is good to know, that whatever may happen, God never leafs me alone. 

Especially in the horticulture it is great to see Gods wonders in plants and everything He created. Like for example a plant cel, it has a cellwall (build up of about 40.000 different lipids all at their own place) , that has the possibility to transfer certain molecules and to leave out others. There is an energy system in the plant, it is copying parts of DNA etc. The molecules are ordered in such a beautifull way, and after all it works: the cell is living! Itt can multiply itselve, develope etc. For me itt almost shouts Gods greatness. 

After the Agricultural university i have been working as consultant in vegetables and strawberry for DLV-plant.
1998 we went to Romania. There we worked as folunteers for a Christian ngo (DAI) as projectmanger for an agricultural development project in 16 vilages above Oradea (close to the Hungarian border). Goal: help families to develop their income from the agriculture and horticulture. 
The project had 3 parts: Arable crops; livestock (pigs / milkcows); Horticulture (vegetables and strawberries). 
With a team of consultants we organized demonstrations (varieties, production technology etc), studygroups so that more families could gain information from the project. 

2002 growers from Transcarpathia (Ukraine) asked DAI and Fundament foundation to start up a comparable project there as well. So we moved to Transcarpathia (Petrovo). There we have been working till january 2007. Next to our work we also were active in the local church and village. 
2007 The project in Ukraine ended, we got to move back to the Netherlands. I became consultant again now 90-95% for softfruit (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry) growers at DLV-Plant. Very beautifull crops with a lot of questions and possibilities of development. And last but not least a very nice product with an excellent taste.
2010 Started with my own company for softfruit consultancy: Berry Konsult

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